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We dearly call these term loans as ‘CBL’ ….Yeh Hain Collateral Backed Loans Jo Sapne Kare
Sach. For details please fill in the form here and we shall be more than happy to contact you !

We at Intec believe in Sapne Aapke, Bharosa Apno ka !!


Higher Loan Amount
on the Property

Long Tenure of Loan
for low EMIs

Low Interest Loan

All Property Types

Loan Amount :
Rs 5 Lacs to Rs 200 Lacs

Higher Loan Amount
on the Property


We are focused on financing MSMEs
with a diversified presence across India’s fast-growing industrial sectors.

Being deeply involved with MSMEs for over 21 years, we understand its sub-segments
and their requirement of access to organised finance

We understand the MSME business in-depth and use customer centric methods for loan eligibility. We offer a wide range of loans ranging from Rs 10 Lakhs to Rs 2 Crores, to suit every business entity’s profile, on mortgage of Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Institutional property to meet your business financial needs.

We cover all type of properties to unlock their value for your business financial needs without you having to sell them off while you continue to use them as ever !

We have everything to meet your Financial Needs!