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Capital Goods & Industrial Equipments


Capital goods and industrial equipment are the fuel and framework that drive and uphold the industrial function of any enterprise. These essential assets are the respective inputs and input processing tools that serve as company assets and are coordinated to meet production output needs of whatever supplies the market demands. Capital goods and equipment are raw materials, resources and integrated systems required to process as well as the infrastructure and tools required to manage and create output supply for the market.

Acquiring capital goods and industrial equipment is tantamount to basic operation and is logically an obvious first priority for any startup or SME. Most startups and SMEs find themselves between a rock and a hard place when dealing with the pressing need to acquire and set up capital goods and equipment. With relatively little cash equivalent or any other liquid investment securities that can be used to convert to capital assets, SMEs might look at equity investment as a no-brainer solution to their urgent requirements.

Why loan for capital goods and industrial equipment?

Using equity investment to inject towards capital goods and equipment acquisition is, however, a high risk for SME owners as equity capital is expensive and should rather be utilized to build company market value towards loftier goals, especially in a start-up phase where equity dilution can erode ownership and control of a small business that could have potentially been formidable in the marketplace. There’s also the risk of losing a large portion, if not all the capital goods and industrial equipment assets in the event of liquidation. A better option is a capital goods loan. This loan provides the necessary cash injection required to acquire goods and equipment as recorded company assets.

Why Capital Goods and Industrial Equipment Finance For You?

Yes, if you want a low risk, high reward option for getting your business off the ground or preparing it for growth, while maintaining a safe hold on existing company stock and increasing its market value in the process. It also allows the lender to hold the acquired goods and equipment as collateral, thereby keeping the ownership equity stock safe in the event of a loan default, as the lender simply repossess the goods and equipment.

How can I get a Capital Goods and Industrial Equipment Loan?

If you’re an SME owner anywhere in India, Intec Capital Limited is your answer. It is very easy to obtain a loan with us here at Intec capital by the following this simple procedure.

  • Please let us know your requirements and we will get back to you.
  • Provide all the required business registration documents for verification by our loan officers.
  • Await approval of your loan.

Why choose Intec Capital?

Intec Capital Limited is a leading Non-Banking Financial Institutions in India and specializes in financing small to Medium Enterprises like yours with a pan-Indian reach and 137 SME clusters nationwide. There are many reasons why we are most preferred SME finance provider to most Indian entrepreneurs:-

  • We require minimum number of documents for them to process a loan.
  • Fast turnaround in processing loan requests.
  • Offers unsecured loan with no need of collaterals.
  • We offer loans to purchase both imported and local machines.

Benefits of Intec Capital

There are many advantages that you can enjoy as an Intec Capital capital goods and industrial equipment finance customer which includes the following:

  • Obtain the best advice on machinery needed for your production needs.
  • Intec capital partners with Machinery manufacturers to ensure you obtain high standard machinery for your business.
  • Excellent relationship managers who are listening and keen to make sure your business succeeds.

Why don’t you talk to Intec Capital today and take your business to a new level!