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Food Processing

The Food Processing Industry in India is a sunrise sector that has witnessed an explosive growth in recent years. The easy and ready availability of raw materials, constantly improving lifestyles, deregulation and relaxation of stringent government policies have contributed to the phenomenal growth of this industry. This sector is regarded as one of the primary industries that provide a vital link between the agricultural and industrial segments of the economy. Any impetus to the food processing sector directly / indirectly benefits the agricultural sector and adds immense value to it.

The Indian food processing industry has tremendous growth potential but unfortunately, it is still in its nascent stage. There are large numbers of SME which are associated in this industry with a huge amount of finance requirement which is majorly due to increasing demand of the equipment’s & machinery in this industry and to address and contribute in this sector, we are present in majority of the SME Food Processing Clusters where we offer wide range of products which has been customized as per the need of the SME’s. These loans are extended for acquisition of the equipment’s & machines thus leading to their growth.