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The government of India recognizes the potential and key growth element of the chemical industry in the economy. The sector has seen a growth of 13-14% for the past five years. Petrochemicals, on the other hand, have registered an increase of 8-9% over the same timeframe. The foreseen growth drivers are as follows: structural advantage, high domestic consumption, diversified industry, and promising export potential.

Initiatives planned by the Indian government highlight the importance of implementing investment policies to ensure the growth and success of the Indian chemical industry. In the general sense, the current share in GDP by the chemical sector in India is 16%. They intend to increase the share to 25% by 2025. Funding to chemical industry includes budgeting for the machineries, sets of equipment, the chemicals and materials to be used, as well as for continuous research.

Why loan for Chemical Industry?

The Indian chemical industry is comprised of small, medium, and large-scale units. There are about 70,000 chemical manufacturing units in India and majority of them cover the small-scale sector. For the huge companies, investments can easily come in since they either have the funding to do so or they are already well-known that attracting investors wouldn’t be much of a problem. It is not impossible that they can be both, too. However, in the case of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), keeping up with the latest trends and innovations can be very difficult given the scale of their operations and the lack of collaterals for the banks. To solve this dilemma, one of the best solutions is to do a chemical industry loan.

Is Chemical Industry finance for you?

If you are small and medium enterprises looking for funds in order to upgrade their businesses.

  • It will help you acquire the most and urgently need machinery for your business growth.
  • Helps you achieve your dreams with ease as it enables you to meet the demand of your clients promptly.

How can I get a Chemical Industry loan?

If you’re an SME owner anywhere in India, Intec Capital Limited is your answer. It is very easy to obtain a loan with us here at Intec capital by the following this simple procedure.

  • Please let us know your requirements and we will get back to you.
  • Provide all the required business registration documents for verification by our loan officers.
  • Await approval of your loan.

Why choose Intec Capital?

Intec Capital Limited is a leading Non-Banking Financial Institutions in India and specializes in financing small to Medium Enterprises like yours with a pan-Indian reach and 137 SME clusters nationwide. There are many reasons why we are most preferred SME finance provider to most Indian entrepreneurs:-

  • Minimum and easy documentation.
  • Quick processing of the loan request.
  • Loans that are collateral free.
  • Dedicated facilities for domestic and imported machines.

Benefits of Intec Capital

There are many advantages that you can enjoy as an Intec Capital chemical industry finance customer which includes the following:

  • Obtain the best advice on machinery needed for your production needs.
  • Intec capital partners with Machinery manufacturers to ensure you obtain high standard machinery for your business.
  • Excellent relationship managers who are listening and keen to make sure your business succeeds.

For interested SMEs who are still looking for a company to provide their chemical industry finance, they can talk to any of Intec Capital’s dedicated relationship managers so that they can identify the best term loan product that would suit the business.