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  • 1) Whether the shares of companies are listed or not?

    Yes, the shares of the Company are listed with BSE and DSE.

  • 2) What is the ISIN number of my securities?

    ISIN no of the company is INE017E01018

  • 3) Where can I obtain information of Intec Capital Limited financial results?

    Intec Quarterly and Annual financial result can be accessed at www.inteccapital.com> investor

  • 4) I have not received the dividend declared by the company. Please advice?

    All registered shareholders on the book closure date are eligible for dividend.
    However, a shareholder may lodge the complaint to the Registrar & Share Transfer Agent, M/s. Beetal Financial and Computer Services Private Limited for non‐receipt of dividend or any grievances related to shares. The shareholder may send the communication by email at [email protected] .com with a copy to [email protected]

  • 5) My unclaimed dividends are transferred to IEPF. How can I claim a refund?

    Up to 7 years, such amounts have to be maintained in a separate bank account by the company. You may contact us in this regard through our Registrars. After 7 years, the companies are required to transfer this amount to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Hence, you are requested to approach MCA. For further details in this regard, you may like to visit the website of MCA, whose weblink is given below:http://www.iepf.gov.in/default.asp

  • 6) What are the documents I should submit for issue of duplicate share certificates?

    Following documents are to be enclosed with the application for issue of duplicate share certificate:
    a. Indemnity for issue of duplicate Share Certificate/s in the name of the person, in whose name the duplicates are being issued that he has not sold / disposed off the involved shares or acted in any
    manner by which any interest of the third party would have been created, as per the applicable Annexure as detailed here under:
    • Indemnity by registered holder
    • General purpose indemnity
    • Indemnity by unregistered transferee/holder in due course
    • Affidavit by transferee
    • Indemnity by transferee for issue of duplicates without producing Transfer deeds
    • Letter from buyer under provisions of Section 108 of Companies Act, 1956.
    • Final Court order for issue of duplicate shares required in case of a third party stop transfer (‘third party’ does not include genuine bonafide transferee).

  • 7) How can I transfer my shares?

    Procedure for transfer of physical shares:
    The following documents are to be sent to our Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA), M/s. Beetal Financial and Computer services Private Limited :
    1. Share Certificate(s)
    2. Duly completed and valid stamped Share Transfer Form(s)
    3. Listed companies are required to transfer share certificates within a period of 15 days from the date of lodgment for transfer of shares certificates.
    Procedure for transfer of demat shares :
    You have to instruct your Depository Participant (DP) through Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) to transfer shares from your demat a/c to the broker pool a/c. Such instruction should reach the DP’s office at
    least 24 hours before the pay‐in, failing which DP will accept the instruction only at your (BO’s) risk.

  • 8) What is transmission? How I can get my shares transmitted?

    If you are a nominee;
    For shares in demat mode, you have to send notarised copy of the death certificate duly filled Transmission Request Form (TRF) to the Depository Participant (DP)
    For physical shares, you may be requested to send any of the below documents;
    1. Original Share certificates
    2. Duly filled Transmission Request Form (TRF)
    3. An affidavit / declaration by the nominee declaring his rights
    4. Notarised copy of the death certificate to the Registrar and Share Transfer Agent (RTA)
    Where there is no nomination:
    Shares held in Demat mode;
    Where value of the shares is upto Rs. One lac, one or more of the following documents is to be furnished to the DP;
    Notarised copy of the death certificate
    Transmission Request Form(TRF)
    Deed of indemnity – Indemnifying the depository and Depository Participants (DP)
    NOC* from legal heir(s), if applicable or family settlement deed duly executed by all legal heirs of the deceased beneficial owner
    Where value is more than Rs. one lac, the DP may additionally insist on one or more of the following documents
    Surety form
    Succession certificate
    Probated will
    Letter of Administration
    Shares held in Physical mode:
    The RTA may insist on any of following documents;
    Original share certificates
    Duly filled Transmission Request Form (TRF)
    Notarized copy of the death certificate
    Probate or letter of administration duly attested by Court Officer or Notary
    Succession certificate or
    * In case of multiple successors, NOC from non‐applicants shall be recorded on the share transmission form of the applicant instead of insisting separate share transmission form from each of the successors
    * Transmission of shares is required to be done within a period of one month for share held in physical form and within seven days for shares held in Demat form, from the date of lodgment of the Transmission Request Form by listed companies

  • 9) I want to surrender my shares to the company and get the refund. Please advice?

    Equity shares, like any other asset, derive their value from the price at which others are willing to buy / sell it. You can encash the value of your shares by finding a willing buyer. In case, Intec Capital Limited comes up with an offer to buy shares from the shareholders, you will be intimated. In such offer, you have the option to tender your shares in response.

  • 10) Whether the shares of the company are in demat form?


  • 11) What is the procedure for opening demat account and dematerialising shares?

    he websites of CDSL and NSDL provide the procedure for opening demat account and to dematerialise your shares, at the following web links:
    http://www.cdslindia.com/downloads/Investors%20Guide.pdf (or)
    http://www.cdslindia.com/ Publications > Investor’s Guide
    https://nsdl.co.in/faq.php (or)
    https://nsdl.co.in > FAQs > General

  • 12) Where can I find the list of DP/ where can I demat my share certificates?

    Further, the details of Depository Participants through whom you can demat your physical shares is available in the following web links:
    http://www.cdslindia.com/publication/dplist.jsp (or)
    http://www.cdslindia.com/ > publication > dplist
    https://nsdl.co.in/direct_search.php (or)
    https://nsdl.co.in/ > Advanced Search – DP Search – Service Centers