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Leatherworking is one of the biggest growing industries in India currently. With over $300,000,000 being made annually by the Indian Leather Footwear Industry alone, it’s easy to see how entering with your own business is profitable and a smart investment. Easy to get into, the only requirement for starting your own profitable business in the Leather Industry is financing. Preferably, you shouldn’t finance your business yourself but receive Machine and Equipment loans from a particular company.

Why loan for Leather Industry?

As a new or existing business, entering and sustain into a competitive industry, gaining that initial foothold can be difficult. By receiving financing you can focus more on providing a solid product, getting your name known and building your company. By financing your business, you will be able to more successfully manage your debt, while at the same time have backup and support in case issues outside of your control occurs. At the end of the day, financing your business allows you to build your Leather Company at a far faster rate than what you could alone. Running a business is stressful enough, without the stress of worrying about money. Financing through a reputable company can help reduce that stress.

Is Leather Machines and Equipment finance for you?

By receiving loans for Leather Machines and Equipment, this same pressure disappears, allowing your business to rocket in production. Financing your machines and equipment has many benefits as well. By leasing your equipment, you have much more control over your company’s cash flow. The equipment can be purchased up to date and be consistently maintained, eliminating the risk of operating with out of date or unsafe machines. Financing ensures you have expertise at your fingertips, allowing you to hedge your business against inflation in the market. Overall, you get far more control over your business moving into the future, not just in the present.

How can I get a loan for the Leather Industry?

The only question you now may have is how to get such loans, to ensure your business is successful. If you’re an SME owner anywhere in India, Intec Capital Limited is your answer. It is very easy to obtain a loan with us here at Intec capital by the following this simple procedure.

  • Please let us know your requirements and we will get back to you.
  • Provide all the required business registration documents for verification by our loan officers.
  • Await approval of your loan.

Why choose Intec Capital?

Intec Capital Limited is a leading Non-Banking Financial Institutions in India and specializes in financing small to Medium Enterprises like yours with a pan-Indian reach and 137 SME clusters nationwide. There are many reasons why we are most preferred SME finance provider to most Indian entrepreneurs:-

  • We require minimum number of documents for them to process a loan.
  • Fast turnaround in processing loan requests.
  • Offers unsecured loan with no need of collaterals.
  • We offer loans to purchase both imported and local machines.

There are many advantages that you can enjoy as an Intec Capital leather industry finance customer which includes the following;

  • Obtain the best advice on machinery needed for your production needs.
  • Intec capital partners with Machinery manufacturers to ensure you obtain high standard machinery for your business.
  • Excellent relationship managers who are listening and keen to make sure your business succeeds.

Why don’t you talk to Intec Capital today and take your business to a new level!