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Auto & Engineering


The Indian automobile industry is ninth biggest in the world. The automobile industry is one of the most important industries of India which play major role in contributing to economy of India. Indian automobile industry comes among the top 4 automobile company that will dominate the car market by 2020.

Are you an Indian entrepreneur looking for finance to start or expand your automobile business? Do you need auto and engineering machinery for your business? Many businesses in India have failed because of the lack of working capital needed to buy the modern machinery to enhance their production.

Why loan for Auto & Engineering Industry?

  • Expansion of the current production capacity- it is possible that the demand for your products has increased and thus the need to expand your current production capacity .This may require you to purchase new machinery which we will help you to finance and pay later.
  • Technological changes-There may be certain changes on the way production is carried out which may require you to change the current machinery and replace them with new ones. If you do not have the need cash to purchase the new production machinery we will help you finance it.

Is Auto & Engineering Industry finance for you?

If you are budding entrepreneur or someone who already have stabilized auto & engineering business with interests in manufacturing then auto and Engineering industry finance for you.

  • It will help you acquire the most and urgently need machinery for your business growth.
  • Helps you achieve your dreams with ease as it enables you to meet the demand of your clients promptly.

How can I get an Auto & Engineering Industry loan?

If you’re an SME owner anywhere in India, Intec Capital Limited is your answer. It is very easy to obtain a loan with us here at Intec Capital by the following this simple procedure.

  • Fill an online loan application form on our website indicating the type of loan facility you need.
  • Provide all the required business registration documents for verification by our loan officers.
  • Await approval of your loan.

Why choose Intec Capital?

There are many reasons why Intec capital is the most preferred SME finance provider to most Indian entrepreneurs which include:

  • We require minimum number of documents to process a loan for your business.
  • Fast turnaround in processing loan requests.
  • Offers unsecured loan with no need of collaterals.
  • We offer loans to purchase both imported and local machines.

Benefits of Intec Capital

There are many advantages that you can enjoy as an Intec Capital auto and engineering industry finance customer which includes the following:

  • Obtain the best advice on machinery needed for your production needs.
  • Intec capital partners with Machinery manufacturers to ensure you obtain high standard machinery for your business.
  • Excellent relationship managers who are listening and keen to make sure your business succeeds.

Why don’t you talk to our customer executive today and take your business to a new level!