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India’s construction industry is the second largest sector in the country as it contributes to around 11% of the country’s GDP. It plays a critical role in the development of the national economy and provides employment opportunities to millions of people, not only from within the country’s borders but beyond as well. Construction plays a leading role in industrial development and infrastructure. It is also facilitated by a cluster of supporting sectors such as the cement manufacturing sector as well as the, steel, bricks, and other sectors. The economic activity generated by the industry is the second largest after agriculture.

Why loan for Construction?

  • For starters, the loans provide capital to start an investment
  • To increase capital especially for premium-based enterprises
  • Most lenders offer a better perspective on how to go about your plan
  • It improves your credit history, especially when you repay the loan according to the guidelines
  • An available source of capital for all classes

Why Real Estate Loans is Finance for you ?

  • In India, Real Estate is the major profit investment and the loans help you start such investments.
  • The interest rates versus the long-term benefits from the investments leaves the owners with much profit to finance other real estate ventures.
  • The principle capital from these loans is adequate to finance a sustainable construction, both for residential and commercial purposes.
  • With the higher credit limits you get from these loans, you have recommendation to other loans.

In India, accessing Construction loans requires meeting the basic requirements. With a good credit history and credible work plan, it is possible to get a loan to finance your construction requirements.

How can I get a Construction loan?

To obtain infrastructure loan, you need to choose the best among SME loan providers. If you’re an SME owner anywhere in India, Intec Capital Limited is your answer. It is very easy to obtain a loan with us here at Intec capital by the following this simple procedure.

  • Please let us know your requirements and we will get back to you.
  • Provide all the required business registration documents for verification by our loan officers.
  • Await approval of your loan.

Why choose Intec Capital?

  • The company has enough experience in this sector- Has been in the industry for over two decades.
  • Deals with small to medium investors- Which forms the largest population of India and therefore reaches to all people in need.
  • It deals with construction financing in an effort to help SME purchase construction machinery and facilities.
  • All financing favors the SMEs, in terms of interest rates and periods of repayment.
  • The company lias with both local and international manufacturers ensure quality of machinery.
  • You can get all construction resources from the company to assist you make the best decision.

Benefits of Intec Capital Construction Finance

  • Accessibility- The finances are easily accessible to all Indians, who meet the basic qualifications.
  • Affordable- This being an SME financier, the rates and terms are favorable for all Indians.
  • Reliable partner- The experience and professionalism guarantees that the Intec Capital is always available as required.
  • Principle loans start from at least 5 Lacs and range depends on terms of agreement.